Web Design in Islamabad & Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Web Design in Islamabad & Benefits of Responsive Web Design

People have been using small screen devices to browse the web. They prefer logins or navigating with their smartphones or tablets rather than especially browsing from their systems. Therefore, Responsive Web Design refers to building a website in a way that it is compatible with several browsers, Smartphone’s or tablets. With responsive web design, rather than designing a mobile explicit website, users get a full website experience on all devices. Basically, Responsive website changes and alters dynamically with the type of browsers. It is an approach of creating and developing the design that must be aligned with gadgets screen size, interface, and orientation. Having a responsive web design is a must these days in order to pitch in more online traffic. So, you need to be very careful in choosing a vendor for web design in Islamabad or in your home town.

Why does responsive design matters?

In the modern era, responsive web design has to turn out to be one of the most trending features of the web designing process. Therefore, it is important to have a website that’s suitable for multiple gadgets with a user-friendly interface. Here is a list of benefits for having a responsive web design:

Having a Single URL:

As a matter of fact, having multiple URLs for different browsers makes it difficult for search engines to index your website accurately. As Google points out responsive web design is its suggested mobile configuration. Additionally, it is much easier to administer one URL.

Users Get what they seek:

 Nothing is more annoying than trying to find something on a mobile site and navigating the whole “Desktop version” to find it. Fortunately, a Responsive website is an answer to this problem. Users can locate all of the information right away on mobiles also rather than exploring the “full site”.

Increased Conversion Rates:

Convenience opens the gates for potential mobile traffic. Optimizing your website for users is more likely to lead to better lead generation and conversion rates. For that reason, responsive web design can reach users in a personalized way and can offer better consumer experiences.

 Responsive designs load easily and quickly on a variety of gadgets like mobiles, iPads than other desktop version sites. Clearly, tardy loading annoys the user and enhances the chances that they will switch your website with the one which has faster loading time and is easier to use.

SEO is easier: Being responsive augments your site’s visibility on several search platforms. Consequently, your website is always on the top list of users.  Google has a preference for websites with a responsive design over a mobile site with an individual URL. Here is a quote from Google’s website recommending responsive web design: https://developers.google.com/search/mobile-sites/mobile-seo/responsive-design

“Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device”.

With Cell phones and tablets outdating desktop usage, the majority of users are inclining towards their mobile devices for doing routine searches and purchases. Because of dynamic customer browsing patterns, it is imperative to have a responsive website design. So, it is very essential of have a responsive website. You can contact us: www.technomx.com for Web Design in Islamabad or Anywhere in Pakistan.

Maaz is a business marketer, team lead, and digital marketing strategist. He helps businesses to grow by designing their digital content.

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