Facebook Ad Images: How to stand out!

Facebook Ad Images

Using Facebook as an Advertisement strategy can be tricky when it comes to creating Facebook Ad Images You necessarily need to know all the W’s and H of Your Product/service that You are going to offer and display. Therefore, if You want position your product rightly, your Facebook Ad Images should be demonstrating the reality, relevance and clarity.

How to be creative in developing Facebook Ad Images

However, there’s a lot of things that needs to be taken care of but we are listing few essential ones. Also, you don’t need to implement every of them but as per your business need.

Narrate a Story

No that doesn’t mean that you need to be comprehensive. You just need to convey a message that how your offering can help the customers. How it can change their lives? You can either create a collage or use Carousel ad formats for this purpose.

Don’t Just draw Attention

Your image should tell your purpose, not just to draw attention or for the sake of likes.  You need to make sure what is the offer You are making. You should know how you are going to sell the product via the image.

Demonstrate Your product

If you are selling a digital printing service on accessories like “Mugs or diaries” try to show an example of already made product. This would help to convey your message in an image more clearly. If

You should be a brand

If you have multiple products to launch or if you are doing Facebook advertising on regular basis, You should demonstrate a consistency and a pattern in all your ads. This means create a personalized logo,, symbol or pattern to show a sense of branding  in all your Facebook image ads so that people may recognize them and get familiar. I.e. It will create brand recognition.

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