10 winning promotional techniques: Entrepreneurs & Crowdfunding in Pakistan


When it comes to launching a business, Financing is the first basic concern for an entrepreneur. Fortunately, because of trending entrepreneurial activities, Crowdfunding is outshining in business industry. As the name suggests, Crowdfunding deals with a collective effort of pooling monetary resources unlike legal partnerships or joint ventures.

Crowdfunding approach deals with raising finances collectively with the efforts of social circle, potential customers and other individual investors. It basically helps entrepreneurs by providing diverse platforms where they can tap in multiple opportunities.

Conventionally, entrepreneurs spent months sifting through their personal networking, screening possible investors, and spending their efforts to get finances. However, Crowdfunding has turned the tables other way around. With this approach, it’s much easier for you to get your opportunity in front of more interested parties and give them more ways to help grow your business.

Promoting Your Crowdfunding Campaigns

Before launching Crowdfunding campaign in Pakistan, it is very important that you know the right tools, platforms and tactics. However, Crowdfunding is new concept in Pakistan but people have been practicing it in many ways unknowingly. Here are few tactics for Promoting Your Crowdfunding Campaigns:

Event Marketing Helps

For stepping a head in this approach, you can conduct even marketing. Additionally, you can pitch in the idea of bringing friends of friends in the event.

Tap in local public

Do not overlook your local target market. Use local marketing to promote your campaigns with blend of digital tools for enhancing your campaign. target relevant and potential niches.

Use Paid Ads

Spending a little on paid ads is a winning offer for bigger results. Paid ads can transform your campaigns by giving them strong online visibility.

Creating a local news buzz

Before going global reach local. By reaching and pitching your ideas to local newspapers, editors and journalists in Pakistan can boost your crowdfunding campaigns. Most construction companies are using this medium for crowdfunding their business ideas.

Entrepreneurial podcast

Step forward with entrepreneurial podcasts. By producing quality content these pre-built onlookers work like fire blogs. This helps listeners a comprehensive understanding of into your entrepreneurial ideas and campaign.

Work with influencers

In Pakistan, Influencers opinion matters a lot. Therefore, conduct a Research for finding the relevant influencer. Influencer marketing is finding experts who can communicate your content in a more appealing way to your target audience.

Go with promotional offerings

Discounts, perks and value-added services are always appreciated. Hence, plan your campaign where potential customers can get any of these plusses.

Develop Diverse content

Come up with creative content. Seek help from professional bloggers, websites within the same industry. Study competitors online and offline to create a multi-dimensional content.

Use Reddit 

Reddit has many communities that serves as a platform for sharing ideas, opinions and discussions. For example, Kickstarter. Further, you can do networking in subreddits that are relevant to your industry


Have you heard about Craigslist? It is one of the most used sources internationally. Start using it locally.  Although it is usually used for selling stuff, however, Craigslist can be a good source for promoting your crowdfunding campaign. If your crowdfunding campaign are followed with rewards, try sharing your idea as if a prize was something to sell for gauging audience interest.

With that said, we would suggest that being an entrepreneur, it is necessary that you promote your crowdfunding campaign on relevant multiple forums with multiple tools possible.

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