Smart Retail Pitching Tips: Food & Beverages Industry

Retail Pitching

Someone wisely said rather than always doing the great things, make small things count. Pitching in retails acts in the same way. Retail pitching isn’t that hard nor tricky yet holds an integral position in your marketing campaign. Without doing the right retail pitching, you won’t get customers attention, hence letting down the positioning of your brand.

How to do right Retail Pitching ?

Considering Food and Beverage industry, it is imperative to come up with a comprehensive marketing plan to convert your retail pitch into sales. Therefore, we are listing down five winning tips that would help entrepreneurs to do pitching:

Know Your Retail market

Start with identifying your potential retailer market in term of your customers and competitors.

Identify latest marketing trends

Do not ignore the importance of offline and online marketing side by side. Moreover, you need to know all the latest marketing trends of potential target market. By knowing how to perfectly shelf your product can gauge customers attention.

Go for positioning

Once you have identified your market start positioning your brand by using marketing appeals best aligned with your brand. Study marketing colors that would support your product/service online and on off-line shelf.

Enlisting Values/Features & Benefits

Start defining your products/service in a way that customer think I need to buy this. Choose a catchy brand tagline for that. For Example, Subways tagline is “Eat Fresh” which is self-explanatory!

Online Reviews and Forums

Digital media has set a high bar for every industry. So, in Food industry. Provide social media forum to your customers where they can give reviews and feedback about your product/services. Additionally, social media platforms like responsive websites, sms marketing or Facebook etc can provide entrepreneurs opportunities to tap in more potential customers via worth of mouth marketing and endorsements.

Bottom line is make is visible, communicable and relevant. Retail pitching is always about creating awareness and sales conversions. At Technomx we are offering every catalog service for restaurant and other relevant industries where they can sign up and use our social media services. Additionally, we are offering sms & email marketing and paid advertising for making your business visible. Success is guaranteed!

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