Before launching a new product/idea or anything, we need to demonstrate that very creatively. Therefore, unique and creative presentation will always have an influential impact on clients as compared to dull and boring presentation. It should be clear all along to define what is being communicated. As a matter of fact, Good presentation is the reflection of what is being showcased. So, In this article, we will be discussing few great examples of presentations for branding project.




One More Time

This is a great dark nature theme for branding. It is being designed with minimum typography but heavy in visual quality. With the color combination of Red & Maroon, it looks great with the galaxy background.

ULikeIT Keynote Slides

This design is using master slide to manage consistency in design across all the other slides. The consistency in colors are beautifully managed.

Something New for Sidecar

With multiple branding concepts and unique slides, the paytouch presentation is inspiring for everyone. It depicts various approaches to the client.

Branding Showcase Layout:

This is simple yet interactive branding presentation to communicate without further explanation. It can be described with samples & photos with an ease.


This branding presentation is high in visual but however, it is the simple in explaining its concept. With an image full of patterns and related text making its concept even more visionary.

 Twisto Brand Book:

This is one of the most attractive branding project with great color combination of green and purple. Background is perfectly fitting in the situation making an example of perfection.

 Branding Exploration Process

With graphical usage and visuals at a very high end. All of its visuals and graphical representation have strong connection with its content. Hopefully, these examples would set a creative bar in presenting your work well. However, we are always here to help in branding your ideas, products or services. We deal in creativity!

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